December 9, 2021

complexRE assisted Czech production company IMG BOHEMIA to enter Serbian market

IMG will construct brand new 3.986 m2 production facility in city of Vršac in the following months.

complexRE assisted Czech production company IMG BOHEMIA, member of IMG Group, to enter Serbian market. IMG will construct brand new 3.986 m2 production facility in city of Vršac in the following months. The deadline for the completion of all works within this greenfield investment is September 2022.

"A representative of complexRE got in contact with IMG BOHEMIA during our tender for a construction company. Thanks to complexRE's knowledge of the Serbian market, we were able to invite additional suitable local companies. We selected Gradjevinar construction company, which best met our requirements and ideas and therefore would build our brand new production plant in the coming months."

Václav Tikalský, IMG BOHEMIA


The history of IMG BOHEMIA company started at November 1979 when the plant Silon started production of injection moulding. First products were plates.

Then in the year 2003 Silon decided to sell this division of plastics. From 2nd of February 2003 is owner of this division BIRANAL company and its owner is Mr. Michal Grusz.

The last change of name was 19th of March 2004 when the Biranal company was rename into IMG BOHEMIA company. The Main product program of its company is PP and PE sheets, floor grates, wall elements and another components to build water treatment, sewage equipments, oit traps etc. Part of production is intented also for automotive industry - Polywood and Trilaminate sheets used for car interier parts.

"Thanks to complexRE we will have new reference project with international investor this time from the Czech Republic. Nice, quick and straightforward cooperation with positive outcome on pleasure of all parties."

Nenad Ćirić, General Manager of Gradjevinar

About Gradjevinar

Company „Gradjevinar“ was founded in 1989 in Belgrade, as one of the first privately owned companies in the construction sector. Since the begining, company has been developing in areas of design, construction, reconstruction and adaptation of industrial, commercial and residential objects. Up until now, company has succesfully realized oved 250 projects on teritory of Serbia. Today company is focused towards doing business on local, Serbian, market, acting as a General contractor, mostly using „turnkey“ system.

Years of successful business were followed by establishing of the Quality Management System (QMS), Enviromental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health & Safety management system (OH&S), and obtaining certificates for standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Advantages of company „Gradjevinar“ are vast experience in doing business on Serbian market, knowlegde about local regulations and business environment, as well as years of cooperation with domestic and foreign investors.

"Our cooperation with IMG BOHEMIA and Gradjevinar is the new milestone in our business. We gradually expand our activities from A-class logistics to turn-key construction business sector. In addition, we strengthen our position in CEE region and Serbia by utilizing our knowledge of both, Serbian and Czech market. In future, beside A-class logistic/production space we can advise on construction capacities and partners, and if needed, help with specific requirements to satisfy clients’ needs."

Jiří Suremka, partner complexRE